CASEBUDi Crossbody Phone Lanyard


$ 9.99 $ 25.00

Holiday Pricing Available Now for Limited Time and Limited Inventory - $9.99 

Our Crossbody Phone Lanya rd connects to a the included CASEBUDi Disc.  Simply attach the CASEBUDi Disc on the back of your phone.  Our CASEBUDi Disc works with a simple slide in and turn to lock.


Security: Feel the security of having your phone with you at all times without fumbling in a purse or pocket.

Convenient and Connected: You can answer calls and texts while still attached to the Crossbody.  You can hear the phone ring since it is not buried in a pocket, purse, or hiding in another room. And you don’t have to dig in a pocket or purse to pull out your phone.  

Hands Free: Walking, shopping, or just hanging out at home, you can keep your phone hands free.  This is the simplest way to carry your phone without pockets or purse.

Petite size:  Drop length is adjustable 18" to 24".     Petite size is perfect for women under 5'4” 


Regular size:  Drop length is adjustable 26" to 30".     Regular size is perfect for women taller than 5'4” 

Capture the Moments: The camera is not blocked, so you can capture those quick snapshots, without removing from the lanyard.  Your phone can swivel in place for landscape or portrait photos.
Home Safety and Security:  Great gift for yourself or anyone that lives alone and should have their phone handy while in their own home.  Nice to have your phone within reach at all times for that extra safety and security.  


US & International Patents Pending.
CASEBUDi name and trademark are the property of GOBUDi.

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