Universal Mounting Bracket

Out of Sight Bracket

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  • Eliminate Electronic Clutter: These connectable brackets allow you to mount and conceal not just wiring, but also cable boxes, streaming devices, power strips & more. No more chaos!
  • Flexible Mounting Capabilities: 6x6” brackets can mount on a vertical surface like a wall behind a flat screen TV or upside down under a desktop—so you have multiple options for concealment.
  • Expandable, Patent-Pending System: With brackets that fit together easily, our system grows with your needs! Start with 2 panels and add or remove them as your electronic setup changes over time.
  • Easy to Install: 2- & 4-pack kits include everything you need to install and start using our system—screws, long zip ties, and short zip ties. Brackets screw in easily to wood or drywall.
  • Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee: If our mounting brackets don’t bring order & sanity back to your spaces, just let us know. We’ll promptly refund your money—no questions asked!


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Keep your office and living areas tidy and free of electronic clutter! Featuring interlocking brackets, this simple yet ingenious mounting system lets you neatly conceal cords AND devices. 

Tired of seeing random piles of wires, power strips, and streaming devices in your home and office? Tame that electronic clutter with the GoBudi Universal Mounting Bracket Kit! This one of a kind organization system uses 6x6” plastic brackets that screw into wood or drywall. These brackets hold not just electrical and phone cords, but also your cable box, streaming devices (e.g. Roku, Apple TV), transformers & power strips! 

Since the panels interlock, you can use multiple brackets together to make a completely customized mounting surface. Use one panel to hold a small device, link several in a row under a desk to hold many devices and their wires, or create a large square grid behind your LCD TV to mount the cable box and other devices on the wall.

Plus, our mounting system is incredibly EASY to install. Each kit has everything you need to start de-cluttering immediately. Just imagine how good it will feel to walk into a room and not see a single cable sticking out. Enjoy your technology without all the chaos!

  • All-inclusive mounting kit
  • Exclusive patent-pending design
  • Expandable system
  • Sturdy plastic brackets
  • Simple installation
  • Available in 2-pack or 4-pack
  • Great gift for computer nerds & tech geeks

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 Patents Pending

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