Tough Headphone Cases | Sturdy, Stylish, Ballistic Nylon, Protection for Travel or Storage | Different Sizes available for Your Model Headphones


$ 24.99 $ 39.99

  • Sturdy Stylish Ballistic Nylon Exterior Headphone Case Looks Great and Protects your Valuable Headphones
  • L - Large Case is Compatible with Many Sennheiser Models including HD555, HD595, HD518, HD558, HD598, HD650, and HD600
  • XL - Compatible with AKG K272, K271, K240, K242, K501, K601, K550, K551, Audio-Technica ATH-A900x, ATH-M50, ATH-W1000x, and Grado 325i
  • XXL - Compatible with Beyerdynamic, AKG Q701, Sony MDR-XB1000, David Clark Headsets, Hifiman HE-500, Ultrasone Edition 10 and 12, and Similar Very Large Can headphones
  • Cases are individually inspected, zippers tested, and final packaging done in USA. Quality and Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Soft lining for protection. Includes Carabiner and Mesh Interior Pocket to hold other gear
  • 1-Year Warranty: We stand behind our product! If anything happens to your case within one year of purchase, we’ll replace it at absolutely no cost to you.

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Generally the size of the ‘cans’ determines the case size.
4” cans     = L - Large Case   
4.5” cans  = XL - Extra Large Case  
5.5” cans  = XXL - Extra Extra Large Case 



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