Sand Dipper - Shovel Digger Sifter

Sand Dipper

$ 69.99 $ 79.99


  • Have summer fun digging and sifting in the sand and beach
  • Digs, lifts, and sifts sand, revealing your treasures, or sifting sand clean.
  • Full Shovel designed for digging and sifting. Tough enough for sifting jobs at beach, home, and barn. Works sifting rock in lawn areas, sifting sand boxes clean, garden filtering, alpaca, pygmy goats, rocks out of riding arena, goat stalls sand, and chicken coops.
  • Find shells, sharks teeth, sea glass, and other beach treasures. Rigid smooth plastic does the job and will not rust.
  • Comes apart for convenient packing and travel to the beach. Handle can also be set so it never needs to come apart, your choice.


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